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Our Story

ZenWind™ begins with a passion for sustainability and a knack for invention. Tired of seeing fellow city-dwellers suffer through sweltering summers, I set out to create a solution that was both eco-friendly and effective. At ZenWind™, the air was always cool and refreshing, thanks to our revolutionary product. Unlike traditional AC units, this marvel didn't rely on electricity alone; instead, it harnessed the power of water to deliver icy blasts of relief. And so, as the sun set on another scorching day in the city, residents could rest easy knowing that they had ZenWind™ by their side – a steadfast companion in the battle against the summer heat, powered by innovation, sustainability, and a sprinkle of magic. I worked tirelessly to develop something that I could use myself, while sitting at my desk with ease, after 4 years of development I am extremely proud to present to you... The ZenWind™ Portable Air Conditioner


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